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The Importance of Construction Specifications

As legally enforceable contract documents, construction specifications should be prepared with concern and respect for their legal status. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) recommends a practice know as The Four Cs.

The four Cs for effective communication are Clear, Concise, Complete, and Correct.

Clear means to use proper grammar and simple sentence construction to avoid ambiguity.

Concise is the elimination od unnecessary words.  Make your writing concise so it can be read and easily understood.

Correct means to present the information accurately and precisely. Carefully select words that convey exact meanings. 

Complete means to fully describe the scope of construction work and not leave out important information. 

Specifications written followings the Four Cs are characterized by accuracy, brevity, and clarity.  Not only will they make construction scopes of work easier to follow, they will reduce the work required to prepare construction specifications. 

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